Email Us Your Camera “Ticket”! We Want to See Them!

Although I have several copies of camera traffic violation notices as samples to launch this website, I am still actively looking for new camera notices to read and study so I can report the latest, most accurate information. The majority of the camera traffic violation notices I have are from 2016 and earlier.

I am looking for the latest camera notices from every state, county, and city. I am looking for trends and patterns. Although I have mostly covered school bus violation notices in Georgia, please email any camera traffic violation notices you have. I want to learn more about all of them no matter who or where they are from.

I will not reveal any of your personal information whatsoever. In fact, if you look at what I have posted as samples, you will see that every sample notice I post have been “extremely sanitized”. I have gone beyond conventional redaction.  I have gone to near total whiting-out.  Nearly everything besides the underlying template form itself is whited-out.

For those of you who might be suspicious of my request and reluctant, do not worry.  I am absolutely a private citizen who is a self-employed business person. I am also a reputable web publisher and blogger. I have a four-year degree from a reputable university and I also have a Masters degree. I am over 35 but under 60. I know the information I have shared about myself is still quite vague but I am trying to give some personal information about myself without overtly identifying myself at this time.  I am in no way connected to any government or law enforcement agency. I am donating my personal time and energy to the CTI Project because I am personally interested in this subject matter and I find the “scam” very distasteful.

At this time, I am not revealing my identity because I am still gathering information and building my support team which will include reputable lawyers and volunteer contributors. I hope you can understand where I am coming from. In fact, if you have interest in assisting the CTI Project, please let me know. It is not my intention to be anonymous forever. But for now, I am sure you understand it is better that I remain anonymous until this website and my team is better established.

Email your camera ticket to: cti7 / yahoo dot com.


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