The Camera Ticket “Scam” in Georgia

I’ve done a lot of research and study on the scheme (or “scam” depending on how you view this) happening in Georgia. Personally, I think it is a big scam in many ways.

Georgia citizens are being fooled on a state-wide level that notices are “traffic tickets” and “traffic citations” as if a law enforcement officer is issuing and prosecuting these notices. Law enforcement officers are NOT issuing and prosecuting these notices. The digital signature on the notices is simply a law enforcement officer who VIEWED third-party images and videos (“evidence”) captured by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) school bus cameras. The digital signature is simply an opinion by the “signing” officer that the “evidence” APPEARS to him/her that a traffic violation occurred.

The officer cannot identify, certify, or testify who the driver was. The officer is not certifying the images or videos as authenticate. The officer is not attesting he was a LIVE witness of any traffic violation.  The officer is not prosecuting or charging anyone with a traffic violation. In fact, as far as I know, NO ONE prosecutes or charges anyone with a notice. If anything, unknowing, legally-challenged notice recipients self-report and self-incriminate themselves in these matters.

“Civil penalties” imposed on notice recipients are not traffic fines as most people know them. Civil penalties collected by are a money grab to support ATS and their “Crossing Guard” camera program. (ATS) fools people into believing payments of these civil penalties are mandatory but as far as I can tell, civil penalty payments are “voluntary” and “optional”. It is quite similar to when Los Angeles County’s Red-Light Camera tickets (also operated by ATS) were reported to be “voluntary”. When word out go out that Los Angeles County’s program was “voluntary” and largely unenforceable, its citizens were outraged. Word and news traveled quickly.  Ultimately, the red-light camera program collapsed in on itself and was discontinued.

In Georgia, school bus camera ticket programs are still relatively new.  It appears to have began in 2011 in Cobb County and grew from there. There has been little legal scrutiny or widespread legal discussion beyond a few hidden corners on the Internet. I am confident many Georgia defense lawyers will confirm what I am stating is true. The legality and enforceability issue is not really a big topic right now because most of the press coverage has been on the issue of widespread school bus safety violations and the number of “citations” being issued. The little known truth in Georgia is that these citations are largely unenforceable with the possible exception of those unknowing individuals who who self-report, self-incriminate, or incriminate/accuse another party.

A blind eye has been turned on the fact that what notices are a “scam” many people in Georgia are falling for.

If someone must get tagged for a school bus traffic violation, people should be happy to get a notice than a traffic citation from any law enforcement officer. Consider it a good but harmless reminder to be more careful when you drive.

The differences are huge between “camera tickets” and standard traffic citations. But city officials, city agencies, and most police agencies don’t want you to know that.  They want people to quickly and quietly pay the money. They are willing to run this little scam against its citizens even if that means they have to partner with private companies (like ATS, Redflex, or Force Multiplier Solutions) to pull it off.


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  1. This is a total scam with no evidence at all. If you think I’m paying one penny to this nonsense, you better think again!

  2. I received a re scheduled court date notice from city if Atlanta school bus safety program its a po box from Tempe az is this real I called the number with my citation number but it says enter the 4 digit pin which is not shown

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