Uses New Envelope Notification to Compel Recipients to “Action”

Advanced Traffic Solutions (ATS) has stepped up their pressure tactics in their effort to compel letter recipients to take action, presumably to pay these so-called “civil penalties” for “school bus camera tickets”.

A new envelope was recently submitted to CTI with the fully bolded and capitalized words “ACTION REQUIRED”. The prior envelope they used was more low-key with red lettering “Traffic Infraction Document”. The most recent version of their envelopes shows an exterior notice with very large font stating, “Traffic Violation Document Enclosed” and “ACTION REQUIRED” with white lettering and a blue-colored background. It is certainly hard to miss.

It seems that ATS, through their letter campaign, is strongly encouraging letter recipients to open the envelope and “take action” i.e. pay the “civil penalty”. One can reasonably assume, that perhaps prior envelopes were not as effective in motivating letter recipients in responding to these non-police, non-traffic citation notifications.


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  1. How do I dispute, disagree, voice my opinion of these letters if I received one.
    I am an employee for a school, a county here in Georgia for the past 14 years and there is know way that I would knowingly hurt a child by passing a stopped school bus in a lawful traffic pattern. My letter came from a Cobb County bus stop on George Busbee Pkwy in front of the apartments across from Marlowe’s Tavern. It is a divided highway.More than 10 cars are viewed in my video so my assumption is they have been sent letters as well?.
    This form of harassment needs to stop!! It causes undue stress on someone who does not need any further stress in their already stressed life!! $300.00 my a$$!!

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