’s “Notice of Violation” (Clayton County, GA)’s “Notice of Violation” Clayton County (Click to enlarge)

This is a “sanitized” 2017 version of’s “Notice of Violation” for Clayton County, Georgia in regards to their School Bus Arm Safety Program.










’s “Notice of Violation” Back page – Clayton County (Click to enlarge)


This back page includes the text:

“I submit this form as a request for a hearing review regarding this Notice of Violation. I understand that I must submit an affidavit along with this review request. I will be notified by mail of action taken, or the scheduling of a hearing.”

What the notices doesn’t tell you is that you will have an multiple opportunities for a hearing even if you don’t respond. And the affidavit they want you to sign is potentially self-incriminating and largely dependent on the recipient’s legal ignorance.

More Analysis to come…



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  1. To whom this concern. it was in the evening and I’m headed to the store in the same direction as the School Bus, the Bus was just sitting there with no kids on the bus. On my way back the Bus was still in the same position with no kids and no flag out. As soon as I approach the front of the Bus he throws the flag out. I could not slam on the breaks because I had Children in the back and didn’t want to risk them getting a whiplash. The driver intentionally sat there with no kid on the bus for 20 Mins on Helmer road. The driver knew that I couldn’t stop on time when he put the arm out. How do i file a complaint on the Bus driver. Later I receive a ticket in the mail because the Diver used the arm as a speed trap. This unfair to Citizens who respects the School Bus Arm.

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