’s “Notice of Violation” (Clayton County, GA)’s “Notice of Violation” Clayton County (Click to enlarge)

This is a “sanitized” 2017 version of’s “Notice of Violation” for Clayton County, Georgia in regards to their School Bus Arm Safety Program.










’s “Notice of Violation” Back page – Clayton County (Click to enlarge)


This back page includes the text:

“I submit this form as a request for a hearing review regarding this Notice of Violation. I understand that I must submit an affidavit along with this review request. I will be notified by mail of action taken, or the scheduling of a hearing.”

What the notices doesn’t tell you is that you will have an multiple opportunities for a hearing even if you don’t respond. And the affidavit they want you to sign is potentially self-incriminating and largely dependent on the recipient’s legal ignorance.

More Analysis to come…



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