’s “Notice of Violation” (Fulton County, GA)’s “Notice of Violation” Fulton County, GA (Click to enlarge)

Here is a “sanitized” 2017 version of’s “Notice of Violation” for Fulton County, Georgia. The Notice of Violations for Alpharetta and Milton are nearly identical. If you have received a Notice of Violation listing Milton Police Department, the information below applies.

Here are some obvious things to pay attention to:

  1. Look at the return address. This notice is supposedly from the Alpharetta Police Department “in care of” the Fulton County School Bus Safety Program.

Yet, the return address is from PO Box 22091, Tempe, Arizona. Last time I checked, the Alpharetta Police Department is in Alpharetta, Georgia, not Tempe, Arizona.

2. Look at who and where the “amount due” is supposed to be paid on the payment stub (lower-third section of the notice).  It seems to be stating to the recipient that they are sending payment to “Alpharetta Police Department on behalf of Board of Education Fulton County”.

The Alpharetta Police Department and the Fulton County Board of Education are two entirely different agencies. They operate independently of each other because they serve entirely different civic functions. Are we to believe that the Alpharetta Police Department is in the money collection business for the Fulton County Board of Education? I could be wrong but funds paid for Alpharetta Police traffic citations would typically go to the City of Alpharetta, not Fulton County.

And what about that payment mailing address? Payment is going to be sent to PO Box 742629 in Cincinnati, Ohio? Ohio is a strange place to mail payments for an Alpharetta, Georgia traffic violation.’s “Notice of Violation” Fulton County, GA Back Page (Click image to enlarge)

And what about the back page of the Notice of Violation?

Out of the five sections, three sections (Section I, Section II, and Additional Information) instruct the recipient visit the generic website, not any local government website.

The phone number for “customer service,” “payment,” and “questions” is not any local Georgia phone number. They all refer to the toll-free number 1-866-790-4111.

Further, in Section I, if you want to pay by mail, the check or money order is supposed to be made to “Board of Education Fulton County.” However, if you mail that payment, they want to make sure you address the envelope “Alpharetta Police Department on behalf of, Board of Education Fulton County.”  Seriously?

This is a psychological ploy by design to emotionally manipulate and intimidate a potential payer. The only thing that is essential to sending mail successfully is writing the PO Box, City, State, and Zip Code. The addressee part “Alpharetta Police Department on behalf of, Board of Education Fulton County” is entirely nonsense.’s Notice of Violation Envelope (Click image to enlarge)

On the Notice of Violation envelope, what is most prominent is the big red lettering “Traffic Infraction Document.” Essentially, this is equivalent to shouting “don’t discard, open the envelope, read the mail”

Over the years, I have received many documents such as deeds, notices, forms, reports, utility bills, etc. from various local government agencies.

I cannot recall any envelope which outwardly broadcasts the private content on the face of any envelope. Legitimate government mail don’t broadcast the private contents of what is in that piece of mail. There is a good reason for delivering mail with an exterior envelope beyond simply protecting the enclosed mail. Envelopes are used to ensure privacy for the addressee. Otherwise, mail addressers could simply fold their correspondence and put postage on it. That is what bulk commercial mailers often do to save money. The content is not private because they are mailing marketing and advertising material. If someone else beyond the intended addresse sees a marketing or advertising piece, so much the better.

Of course, anyone who has access to any piece of enveloped mail can always infer what is inside the envelope by looking at the name of the addresser on the return address. But it is a gross violation of privacy by the addresser/sender to print in bold red letters on the face of the envelope the content of the envelope. Reputable and legitimate government agencies don’t do such outrageous things.  However, private companies who are given wrongful powers and want to maximize their profits use weasel tactics such as this.

Last thing to notice is the use of bulk rate postage to deliver these notices, not first-class mail as is standard with most government-related mail. There are also no postmarks. No one can really tell when these notices were placed in the mail. These facts are important which I will cover in another article.

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