’s “Request for Administrative Review” Form (Atlanta)’s “Request for Administrative Review” for Atlanta (Click to enlarge)’s “Request for Administrative Review” is a form that is sent to American Traffic Solutions (ATS), not the local court. They are designed to collect potentially self-incriminating information they would not otherwise have. It is in ATS’ vested interest to gather as much information against you and then turn that information to the local court.  Whether or not you decide to face an “administrative review,” there will be MANY opportunities to have an “administrative review” because it will be printed on subsequent notices.

An “administrative review” is an opportunity to meet with a city official to discuss the case. It is not an official hearing in front of a judge. Nevertheless, you should assume that a city official is there primarily to prosecute notice recipients, not help defend them.

Think twice before you pursue an “administrative review” which could unnecessarily open yourself to official scrutiny.

More analysis to come…



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