’s “Rescheduled Hearing Notification” (Cobb County, GA)’s “Rescheduled Hearing Notification” (Click to enlarge)

This is a “sanitized” 2017 version of’s “Rescheduled Hearing Notification” for Cobb County, Georgia on behalf of their School Bus Arm Safety Program.

This notice is especially egregious. There are two blatant lies.

The first blatant lie is that, “Your appearance in court is mandatory.” It is not. This is not a traditional traffic citation matter which might necessitate a court appearance. And this is not a civil lawsuit matter because you have to be properly served to compel a court appearance. Message delivery by First-class mail or Certified Mail is nowhere close to proper service.

The second blatant lie is “Failure to appear on the scheduled court date will result in a judgment against you in the amount of the original penalty of $300.00.”

Because this is neither a traffic citation matter or civil lawsuit matter, there is no “judgement”. There is only a “Notice of Determination” of which has questionable weight. at best.

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