’s “Review Evidence” / Notice Payment Page “Review Evidence”/Notice Payment Page (Click to enlarge)

This is a “sanitized” version of’s “Review Evidence” / Notice Payment page.

A notice recipient has to input a Notice number and PIN in order to access the “review evidence”/ Notice Payment page.

When a notice recipient logs in to view’s “review evidence”screen, there are three color JPG images (with imprinted GPS information). They are the same images printed on the “Notice of Violation”.

The images are selected video stills from their “evidence” video which also contain GPS-imprinted information.

The video and the images are downloadable to your computer. However, you may have to fiddle with your web browser a bit correctly download a copy.

Interestingly, this “evidence” page is strangely sparse and minimal. There is no way to print another copy of the “Notice of Violation”. The mailed “Notice of Violation” actually contains more information than’s  “review evidence” web page. The “review evidence” page provides access to an “Administrative Review Form” which is actually a voluntary self-incrimination/”accuse another party” “affidavit”.

And of course, most importantly, there is a bright, green button to encourage and direct notice recipients to pay the “civil penalty”. And to add insult to injury, there is even a “convenience / service fee” to pay online.


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