’s Revised “Notice of Determination” (Fulton County, GA)’s Revised “Notice of Determination” Fulton County, GA (Click to enlarge)

Here is a “sanitized” October 2017 version of’s “Notice of Determination” for Fulton County, Georgia.

What is notable about this version of “Notice of Determination” is that it differs somewhat from earlier “Notices of Determination” I have seen. They have added an additional line:  “REASON: GUILTY — FAILURE TO APPEAR“. There is also an additional sentence: “You have FAILED TO APPEAR for your hearing regarding the above violation. Under Georgia Code 40-6-163(3)(A), your right to contest this violation has been waived, and you are responsible for the civil penalty.”

Most people without a legal background will hone in on the word “GUILTY”. Make no mistake, the word “guilty” is intentional and a psychological tactic to “motivate” notice recipients to pay. Remember, is operated by Advanced Traffic Solutions (ATS), a private company. The are not any law enforcement agency/organization. All they want is collect money. They lean on the phrase “civil penalty” which carries no weight with any reputable traffic or criminal lawyer. notices are NOT traffic citations, criminal charges, or lawsuits and therefore carry no practical weight.

This “Notice of Determination” as with all the other notices fall outside the traditional legal system. If you receive these notices instead of a standard traffic citation, consider yourself lucky. There is little consequence whether you pay or not.

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