’s “Second Notice of Violation & Summons” (Fulton County, GA)’s “Second Notice of Violation & Summons” Fulton County, GA (Click to enlarge)

Here is a “sanitized” 2017 version of’s “Second Notice of Violation & Summons” for Fulton County, Georgia. The Notice of Violations for Alpharetta and Milton are nearly identical.

Please refer to the the First Notice for additional comments and analysis.








’s “Second Notice of Violation & Summons” Back Page – Fulton County, GA (Click to enlarge)

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  1. Paid 300.00 dollar fine for passing a school bus. I noticed that the school bus driver did not turn on the yellow caution lights before deploying the red light stop arm. Under the law I thought that they are required to turn on the school bus yellow caution lights before the red light system is deployed I would think that Just like regular traffic lights which must turn yellow before turning red to give the driver time to safely stop for the red light.
    The video clearly showed that no yellow lights were flashing but I was held liable for passing the bus regardless the bus was on the other side of the road. Decatur, GA is clearly not following the law where these school bus cameras are concerned. I note this for many cases that came before the court that same day my case was herd. Can I appeal on the above grounds or am I wasting my time? Ive been scammed by Decatur, GA court system and ATS private company behind these camera paid the fine and they never gave me a receipt for payment of 300.00

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