Mission Statement

CameraTicketInfo.com (CTI) is dedicated to exposing and reporting the ugly truth regarding school bus and red-light “camera tickets”. CTI educates recipients of school bus and red-light “camera tickets” how to respond and defend against them.

Background Information

School bus and red-light “camera tickets” have proliferated and continue to proliferate in cities throughout the U.S. thanks to the efforts of city officials granting permission to multi-million dollar, out-of-state, “for-profit” corporations to get into the law enforcement business.

City officials and city agencies throughout the U.S. are quietly authorizing and implementing these questionable “school bus camera programs” and “red-light camera programs” “partnering” with “for-profit” corporations where the majority of the “fines” paid by local citizens go to these out-of-state corporations. The “fines” drain the money out of the local area and lines the pocket of out-of-state high-paid executives, managers, and employees. Further, these programs almost always disproportionately hurt poor and lower-income drivers.

The issue is not whether increasing school bus safety or reducing red-light violations are not worthy endeavors for any city or county. Most would say they are worthy endeavors but they are traditionally enforced by legitimate law enforcement officers such as local police, marshal, sheriff, and highway patrols. They are not supposed to be “enforced” by private, out-of-state “for profit” businesses, that suck monies out of the local economy.

These companies with the approval of city officials and city agencies prey upon its citizens by hiding and obfuscating the truth and by “pretending” to be and “impersonating” law enforcement. Many criminal defense lawyers know exactly what is going on and how the system works but they do not have the platform to widely disseminate the information or their views.

Local newspapers, in their stories, frequently focus on the merits of “safety” and vilifying driver violators. And while driver violations are easily condemned, what about the city officials and city agencies who use quiet and slippery methods to impose these legally questionable programs?

State legislators are also part of this. They try to “thread the needle” very carefully and quietly crafting statutes and passing laws that permit private out-of-state corporations to get into the law enforcement business.

Why “Camera Safety Programs” Work

There is a deliberate attempt by many city officials, city agencies, and city governments to hide from and obfuscate its citizens on how these programs truly work. They work because its citizens are largely in the dark and not educated in significant matters.

  • They work because of people’s legal ignorance. It is easier to pay than to get educated, research, or hire a competent traffic defense lawyer.
  • They work because many city officials believe the ends justify the means. They want “safety” even if they have to bend well-established laws and mislead its citizens to get them to pay.
  • They work because they take advantage of people’s natural fear and respect of police and law enforcement agencies, in general. However, these out-of-state “for-profit” corporations and its employees are nowhere close to being law enforcement personnel.
  • The “notices” being sent out are intentionally designed and configured to “feel” like a traffic citation “traffic ticket”.  But the truth is, they are NOT any legitimate traffic citation or “traffic ticket”.
  • The “civil penalties” on these “notices” are intentionally designed to “feel” like a fine. But the truth is, they are NOT fines and unenforceable for collection.
  • “Civil penalty” payments people make purportedly go to the local city or police. But the truth is, the majority of the money does not support the local city government. The majority of the monies leave the local area and go into out-of-state bank accounts. The local city keeps only a small commission.

If you are outraged by what you have read, you should be. And you have the right to NOT support this outrageous system. CTI will clearly explain how you can lawfully defend and protect yourself against these questionable school bus and red-light camera ticket programs.

This website will be updated frequently with new information. Please check back periodically.