What Is ViolationInfo.com? Who is Behind ViolationInfo.com?

ViolationInfo.com is a privately-owned (not a government) website developed by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) based in Mesa, Arizona. The primary purpose of ViolationInfo.com is to persuade and intimidate camera traffic notice (“traffic tickets” / “traffic citations”) recipients into paying money many people believe are “traffic fines”. Depending on the state in which these traffic notices are issued, oftentimes the monies are NOT traffic fines. They are “civil penalties”.

ViolationInfo.com’s Privacy Policy makes the following disclosure:

This is a secure web site hosted by American Traffic Solutions. ATS is committed to protecting your privacy. No personal information (such as name or address) will be displayed on this web site. Your Notice # and Pin # are unique to you and will not be shared. The site may collect certain statistical information about visits to the site such as the number of logins by date. No personal information will be collected without the knowledge of the person logging into the site.

Because ATS has contracts and agreements with many cities, counties, and municipalities throughout the U.S., the “factual” statements on ViolationInfo.com are often unreliable. The statements are broad, one-sided, and self-serving. The “factual” statements made on ViolationInfo.com relies and preys on many citizens’ and laymen belief and assumption that the website is a law enforcement, governmental, or court agency website. ViolationInfo.com is NOT a law enforcement, governmental, or court agency website of any kind!

ViolationInfo.com further relies on people’s legal ignorance of legal procedure and the underlying statutes that supposedly govern the program. The system largely relies on self-incrimination or incrimination of another party.

The “options” and “instructions” provided on ViolationInfo.com are often-times detrimental to the victim and contrary to their own interests. In another section of this website, CTI will provide legitimate defense options for purported traffic violators.

ViolationInfo.com typically stores unauthenticated and unsigned “evidence” of a given purported traffic violation. It might include a short video with GPS-embedded information and a few image captures with GPS-embedded information of any purported traffic violation. ViolationInfo.com “helpfully” provides self-incrimination/”incriminate another person” “affidavits” should you wish to foolishly incriminate yourself or someone else.

ViolationInfo.com encourages purported traffic violators to call their toll-free number so that they might further “assist” callers and provide one-sided, self-serving information in an effort to persuade a caller to make payment. While I have no direct evidence of this, it seems likely they will further obtain personal information about any caller through Caller ID.

It seems very likely ViolationInfo.com tracks all login activity to its website on any given case.

Most recently, it was announced that Advanced Traffic Solutions will be purchased by Los Angeles-based private equity firm, Platinum Equity. Given this, it appears that both ATS and ViolationInfo.com will be around for many years to come.


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  1. Hello, just for your knowledge.
    I received a ‘Notice’ from violationinfo…
    I googled up and found your website, I breathe again, but to be sure
    I contacted directly the Mayor, the department of police in Miami, and the chief of police and the coordinator of red lights.
    They replied to me saying I have to pay that. I did it of course.
    At the same time, I saw other cities around Miami and they have the link in their websites to pay to violationinfo, so yes, they are not an official government agency, they are a third party, but when I received the confirmation from the police I had to pay.

  2. Haha, “Luis” contacted the “Mayor of Miami” and the “Mayor” said he had to pay? He also contacted the “Miami chief of police” and they all had time to respond to him to tell him to pay a “third party traffic enforcement agency?” I use the the term “agency” loosely, very loosely. There is no way “Luis” with his ridiculous story and Indian vernacular would have found this site and tried to discredit it by posting this whale of a tale story. This site is a SCAM! If you received a “citation” Do Not Pay It!!

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