Where School Bus Enforcement Cameras Operate in Georgia

ViolationInfo.com (American Traffic Solutions of Mesa, Arizona) issues the majority of notices and collects money/civil penalties (“fines”) from purported traffic violators in the following Georgia counties, cities, and municipalities:

Bibb County (Macon, GA): Voted February 2017. Force Multiplier Solutions will be private company partner.

Carroll County (combined with Carrollton City): Activated August 2012.

Clarke County (Athens, GA): Activated January 2014.

Clayton County: Activated September 2013.

Cobb County: Activated around August 2012.

Douglas County (Douglasville, GA): Activated October 2013.

Fulton County: Activated Feb. 2016. Civil penalties in effect March 2016.

Gwinnett County: ATS once operated the red-light camera ticket program but it was discontinued in May 2016. PhotoNotice.com operates the school bus stop-arm enforcement program. It was activated January 6, 2016.

Houston County (Warner Robins, GA): Activated March 2013.

Muscogee County (Columbus, GA): Activated October 5, 2012.

Newton County (Covington, GA): Activated May 17, 2012.

Paulding County (Dallas, GA): Activated September 23, 2013.


City of Athens (part of Clarke County): Activated January 2014.

City of Atlanta: Activated in September 2015.

City of Decatur: Activated September 2015.

City of Marietta: Activated August 2013.


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  1. I need someone to help me, I got a camera ticket citation in the mail. I lost the citation and don’t have my pin number or citation number. I’ve made calls to this number 866-790-4111 I was informed of no record on my plates? I got in Clayton County GA due date 28 Feb, thanks.

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